Freitag, 26. April 2013

Rpgshow wigs review and Hair Tutorial

Hello, guys. How is everything going? I really love Friday, and wish you have a nice weekend.
Today I would like to introduce you a lovely video from friend Imperfectbeautyiam.  This video is about a review of rpgshow full lace wig and hairstyle tutorial.
It comes from Imperfectbeautyiam's youtube channel. She is a very pretty youtuber, who has many videos about fashion on youtube channel.
 Let's see her review.
Imperfectbeautyiam says this is her first full lace wig, and she is very happy. I can see that she is excited.
After she wears this full lace wig. Different feeling with her brown wavy hair. Black straight hair is mysterious.
With this wig to make a ponytail.
Top knot hair with rpshow wig. Top knot hairstyle is my favorite, it makes a girl very spunky.
To be a better girl, don't forget our hairstyles. Sometimes a suitable hairstyle could make us much more stunning. However, it unusually harm our hair, if we go to salon at every turn. So a lace wig or some hair extensions are the best way to solve this problem. Next time I want to try hair extensions on.

This is her video about rpgshow lace wigs review and hair tutorial.
Video From:Imperfectbeautyiam
Lace wig From:

Montag, 22. April 2013

Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show Tour Opener: Love Beyonce's Hairstyles and the 4 Best Looks

Hi,guys.  Have you seen Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show Tour in Serbia on April 15? I've just seen her photos, pity. 
From shimmering bodysuits complete with gold breasts to thigh-high boots, here are our five favorite looks from the concert. It's very stunning. I love these dresses very much. And I think her blond hairstyles are awesome. Suit her very much.
1.The Vrettos Vrettakos Catsuit
This bling-bling Vrettos Vrettakos Catsuit make her elegant and mysterous. With Beyonce's blond wavy hairstyles is perfect.

2.The Blonds Bodysuit. Wow, so sexy. This one is my favorite. Beyonce is so audacious.
 3.The Givenchy Suit and Matching Hat
Balck  Givenchy Suit is cool. If Beyonce has black hairstyles, her this look will be more stylish and amazing.
Maybe this style will be the fashionable hairstyles for black women.
4.The Ralph & Russo Peplum
Beyonce looks like a pure angel form the heavens in this Ralph & Russo Peplum.
Full of temperament.
 Do you like her dresses in Beyonce's Mrs. Carter Show Tour Opener? Which one is your best?

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Which dress should Maren buy?

Hi,Guys. My friend Maren want to buy a dress from asos, but she can't deside which one to buy. Can you help her? Maren's Blog.

These two dresses are stunning, but she can't choose which one to buy. Help her to choose. :D In my opinion the first black little dress is more suitable for her. The second one is too sexy to her.

Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Italy Fashion

Hey,guys. I've a friend from Italy, her name is Emilia. I want to introduce her blog to you.
This picture is from a post Emilia's. Her blog is about fashion and Beauty, also product reviews. Hope you like.

In my opinion is this outfit, black outwear, blue Jean and blue shoes are stunning and elegant,like a star.

Montag, 15. April 2013

My Party Hair-Top Knot Hairstyles

Hi, guys. How is your weekend?
On Sunday, I went to Kristina's birthday party. She said my top knot hairstyle is really perfect for Summer, and let me po it on blog. So I've made a hairstyle tutorial, so that more friends could see and learn it.
Have a nice day.

Kristina asked me where I learned this hairstyle, well I often learn something from youtube. I do really love videos, very detailed and show each step amply. That youtuber have manys fresh videos about black hairstyles 2013. Love her videos. 
This is the youtube:


Freitag, 12. April 2013

Mrs thatcher In Fashion-Classic Hairstyls and Outfits

Mrs Thatcher died on the morning of 8 April 2013 at The Ritz Hotel in London after suffering a stroke. These days I have read something about her life. I think Margaret Thatcher is really a great women. Absolutely, intelligent and capable. I respect that women.
Guys, I'v never talked about Politics, and will never talk. Today I want to show you the other side of Mrs Thatcher. :D

Mrs Thatcher in Fashin
Classic Blonde Hairstyle and Red Lip
I wonnder know what she woulde be, if she try black hairstyles. So mysterious. :D

Forever Pearl Necklace and Earring
Pearl necklace is very elegant and courtlike.

Mrs Margerat thatcher In Film

 Old Days For Mrs Margerat
 What do you think of Margerat Thatcher? :D

Montag, 8. April 2013

# My Spring Outfit on Sunday #

Hi,guys. Do you love my outfit on Sunday?
Orange with Black Outerwear, Jeans Shorts with black legging, and Top Knot hairstyles.

Sonntag, 7. April 2013

RPGshow GIVEAWAY!!! For your Hairstyles!!!

So how awesome is THIS?! RPGshow is sponsoring a giveaway(full lace wig) for Yours Truly. You guys are getting the chance to win your own fly hurr for the spring!!! 

This contest is open to all! The winner will receive one stock wig of their choosing shipped to them by who will contact the winner to assist in the process. Good Luck!!! If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me here or message me on facebook at

Requirements for Contest!!!!
Step 1:
Like facebook from prgshow
Step 2:
Follow me on GFC or like my facebook:
Step 3:
Leave a comment after this post. is a online shop that sells lace wig.

Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Friend Katharina Shows Her Spring Feeling

Katharin, a cute giel from Berlin has written a post, I want to introduce it to you guys.
do you know what I wishes me?! No? The spring! I cannot suffer the weather any more, above all, the snow and wind disturbs me. I have to carry it simply full always only one thick jacket and sweater. I would like to draw again a dress with floral design and a light denim jacket. One day I would like to wake up and look from the window and see a green meadow and no snow more. One would like to sit only in the cold weather at home and to drink and eat. Does it just go for you? How do you get by with the weather? Do you have a few tips to come against the weather? Write it!

Dress - H and M
Denim jacket - Cotton On
Bag - Pimkie
Shoes - Görtz
Watch - Playboy
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Bracelet - Galeria Kaufhof
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