Freitag, 12. April 2013

Mrs thatcher In Fashion-Classic Hairstyls and Outfits

Mrs Thatcher died on the morning of 8 April 2013 at The Ritz Hotel in London after suffering a stroke. These days I have read something about her life. I think Margaret Thatcher is really a great women. Absolutely, intelligent and capable. I respect that women.
Guys, I'v never talked about Politics, and will never talk. Today I want to show you the other side of Mrs Thatcher. :D

Mrs Thatcher in Fashin
Classic Blonde Hairstyle and Red Lip
I wonnder know what she woulde be, if she try black hairstyles. So mysterious. :D

Forever Pearl Necklace and Earring
Pearl necklace is very elegant and courtlike.

Mrs Margerat thatcher In Film

 Old Days For Mrs Margerat
 What do you think of Margerat Thatcher? :D


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  3. She was a really gorgeous and powerfull woman (:
    Its was a way to bring some color for this gray spring time

  4. great post! <3 tones :)

  5. shes awesome :)

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  6. Hi Viola,

    Great post. I'm from the UK so it's all over the news here, everyone's talking about it.

    She was a divisive women here,, especially in the North of the Country, however know one can deny she was an impressive women.

    Thanks for the post.


  7. I love the very old photo of her in that fantastic hat! ;-)

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