Freitag, 29. März 2013

Drawing from Alex For Me

My friend Alex drew me a picture. I think he draws very well. More pretty than my photo. <3 Vielen Dank, Alex.

Alex says he likes my long wavy hair. But when I told him that I just wear a lace wig in this photo, he was surprised. He thought it is my real hair. :D
Introduce you a video, looks the same as mine.

Dienstag, 26. März 2013


Hi,Sweetie. I've seen a great post on blog, it's from erena's blog.Hope you like. :)

Hello darlings!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
My post today is about my new discovery - on-line shop called "Oasap
What unbelievable clothes, shoes, jewelry they have there. 
I ordered this asymmetrical dress just a week ago and on Friday the package arrived. It made my day:-)
The dress/ tunic/shirt - you call it the way you want, can be dressed up and dressed down. You can wear it in a summer and just put some long sleeves in a winter.
Do you believe that my dress is already sold out!!!!????
Now I am in love with some of their shoes (my new wish list:-)
Check their new arrivals here
I am wearing:
Bernardo jacket
Steve Madden pumps
Steve Madden studded purse
Necklace from Exotic Accessories Boutique Shop
Cat ring from Oasap and
My new favorite asymmetrical dress from Oasap

Isn't this cat ring adorable? see it HERE

The new ring on my with list is here:-)
So different and antique looking - LOVE it.
Check it out HERE 
Do you like shoes? Here is my new wish list from
Aren't they hot????? Check them HERE

and maybe these ones:-)

Check them out HERE
And you know what is the best part? - The shipping is FREE!!!

What do you think? Did you like how I styled this dress and my wish list?
Waiting for your comments and new followers:-) Remember, I always follow back (just leave me a message with your link)
Have a fabulous week!

Maren, My friend

Hi, guys.
Maren, from Germany, one of my friend in blog, is a pretty girl. I want to introduce her to you all.

Ich bin Maren und schreibe über Mode, Fotografie, mein Leben und alles was mich so inspiriert.
schaut doch mal bei mir vorbei:

Montag, 25. März 2013

# MY black brown Hair Style# Ombre !!!

Hi, guys. How is your weekend?
I have my new hair style in this weekend. Post a picture for you guys. These days I am crazy about the hairstyles, as last months about dresses. LOL
Do you like this ombre browm balck hair?

By the way, I choose this hair after I saw this black brown straight hair style video on youtube. Are we the same?? LOL 
Mine is not so straight as hers.

Dienstag, 19. März 2013

My Outfits Today lol

Have you prepared collections for summer? If not, harry up. :D
Do you like this my cute outfits?

Montag, 18. März 2013

Black hairstyles Series

Hello, honey.
Today I want to show you some awesome black hairstyles and a video that show a long straight black hair. Check out. Whitch one do you want to have a try? lol

Mid length black hair by Brooks + Brooks.
Hair: Brooks+Brooks Art Team, London

Black hair by Rush
Hair: Tina Farey, Chris Williams + Rush Artistic Team

Black hair by Francesco Group

Hairstylist: Desmond Murray
Stylist: Bernard Connelly

Short black hair at HOB Salons
Hair: Fayne Turner © HOB Salons

Hair by Kim Rance for Clipso
Art Director: Darren Fowler
Photography: Martin Evening

Black hair by Great Lengths
Photography: Norbet Kniat

 Black hair - hairstyles for mid-length black hair 
by Neil Smith at Barrie Stephens

Hairstylist: Desmond Murray
Photography: Desmond Murray

Black hair - hairstyles for long black hair 
by Karine Jackson

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

From Friend Jamie: Yellow...

  Jamie, my pretty friend on blogsopt, has written a great post. I love it very much. So I decide to reblog it. :D
Post From Jamie: (Her german poem is very beautiful, I have translated it to English, Hope you like.)


Unter allen Farben strahlst du am meisten.
(In all colors shine you the best)
Du besitzt die stärkste Leuchtkraft
(You hold the strongst brightness)
und erhellst die dunkelste Seele.
(and you light up the dunkelst soul)
Dein Ideenreichtum ist grenzenlos
(Your inventiveness is so boundless ) 
mit deiner Fantasie steigst du in die höchsten Höhen…
(and with your fantasia rise up you in the highst height)

Deine Wärme lässt jedes Herz glühen.
(Your warmth makes every heart glow)
Du lässt die Anziehungskräfte spielen.
(You make the chaarm perform)
Die Kommunikation wird gesteigert,
(The communination is intensified)
da man sich wohl fühlt,
(because we well feel)
von deinen sanften Händen getragen…
(from your soft and gentle hand)

Alles ist im Fluss.
(All is in river)
Alles geht geht rasch voran.
(All goes swift)
Die Heiterkeit lässt alles erstrahlen.
(The cheeriness makes all shining)
Das Leben wird lebendiger,
(The life will be vigorously)
als je zuvor…
(than well before)

Frisch und gestärkt,
(Fresh and powerful)
wie frisch geblüht,
(as fresh bloom)
entfaltet sich jedes Leben 
(blossom very life)
zu einer Grenzenlosigkeit an Schönheit,
(to the infinity of Beauty)
um Freiheit zu erleben…
(for living through the freedom )

Heute bin ich gelb
(Today I am yellow)

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

By Kim Bim: INSPIRATIONS!!! Backstage at Maison Martin Margiela's Autumn-Winter 2013

Kim Bim, one of my friends from blogspot,  wrote a wonderful post on her blogspot. I like this post very much, so I want to introduce it to you honey all. Hope you like. :D

By Kim Bim:
The details caught my eyes, had no choice than to share with you lot...
kisses <3 u="">

Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Niki Minaj's Multicoloured Lace Wigs

Niki Minaj is a especial presence.She has a Cartoon-Face that makes her very cute. What makes me crazy is her multicoloured hairstyles, of course they are all lace wigs.
Amazing appearance, exaggerated make up, whatever you like her or not, she wins. She makes her hot in fashion.

I think pink hair suits Niki best.:) Pink makes her very cute, but not ugly.Black hair is also a good choice for her. Green hair is the worst, and the cabbage hairstyle make me fretted and crazy. :(
I've found a video that introduce lace wig, whose colour is very similar to Niki Minaj's wig. The youtuber and Niki are alike in some ways. What do you think?

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