Freitag, 26. April 2013

Rpgshow wigs review and Hair Tutorial

Hello, guys. How is everything going? I really love Friday, and wish you have a nice weekend.
Today I would like to introduce you a lovely video from friend Imperfectbeautyiam.  This video is about a review of rpgshow full lace wig and hairstyle tutorial.
It comes from Imperfectbeautyiam's youtube channel. She is a very pretty youtuber, who has many videos about fashion on youtube channel.
 Let's see her review.
Imperfectbeautyiam says this is her first full lace wig, and she is very happy. I can see that she is excited.
After she wears this full lace wig. Different feeling with her brown wavy hair. Black straight hair is mysterious.
With this wig to make a ponytail.
Top knot hair with rpshow wig. Top knot hairstyle is my favorite, it makes a girl very spunky.
To be a better girl, don't forget our hairstyles. Sometimes a suitable hairstyle could make us much more stunning. However, it unusually harm our hair, if we go to salon at every turn. So a lace wig or some hair extensions are the best way to solve this problem. Next time I want to try hair extensions on.

This is her video about rpgshow lace wigs review and hair tutorial.
Video From:Imperfectbeautyiam
Lace wig From:


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  2. Hey Viola!
    Real nice article...and i love d wig...although I have never used one...hehe...
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