Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

My Early Summer Hairstyles + Early Summer Coupons - RPGSHOW

Hello, guys. This week I am busy completing my paper of this semester. In German is "Semesterarbeit". Really have no time post new things. But last Sunday I've taken photos for summer. Hope you like my summer style. LOL

And also there is good news I want to tell you. It's from RPGSHOW.They provides coupons to customers.
Three kinds of coupons in this activity:
1. VIP Coupon, Code: MOM0506, $30 OFF
2. Gold VIP Coupon, Code: 506LOVE, $50 OFF
3. Diamond VIP Coupon, Code: MOTHERDAY56, 20% OFF

4.Mother's Day Coupon, for All Customers, $40 OFF(To 5.13.2013)


  1. love your summer style!
    so cute

  2. Du erinnerst mich ein wenig an Ariana Grande :)

    Liebste Grüße :)

  3. Hi Viola:-) are SO pretty!!! I love the little lace peter pan collar outfit!


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