Freitag, 22. Februar 2013

Hair Styles from Beyonce and Rihanna

Rihanna and Beyonce are my favorite singers. I love thier songs, also love their awesome hairstyles.
 Curly hair makes Beyonce very sexy, and long wavy hair makes her mellow and more virtuous. And my fovorit hairstyle from Beyonce is the long straight hair. It makes her cute and lively.

Rihanna's voice is sexy and absorboing. But her a little ...strange and exaggerated. The hairstyle that she has in the Grammy's Red carpet is beautiful I think.

I'm always very crious about how these stars can change so many hair styles in a short time. Maybe they wear wigs. <3
By the way, I have select some Youtuber's videos about wigs in my
youtube. I think there is a awesome hairstyle that alike to Rihanna's  Grammy show.
Check out, honey. lace wig like Rihanna.


  1. das ist ja süß von dir, ja meine fahrt war sehr schön :) liebe grüße!
    ps: ich finde rihannas lange haare so viel besser als ihre kurzen davor ;)

  2. great hairstyles!! the last picture is the best:)

  3. Hi :) Ich hab diesen Eintrag gebloggt :) Ich hoffe ich hab alles richtig gemacht? Falls nicht, schreib mir einfach!

    Much Love! ♥ Jamie

  4. Ah yes! I love Rhianna's Hair, I actually copied her asymmetrical bob cut back in 2007/2008 and loved it!


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